Our Story

It doesn’t get more personal than the bathroom. Let’s be honest, in a space where you’ve got nothing to hide, comfort and relaxation are the bare essentials. At Bathwaters, we want you to feel this every time you step foot in the bathroom. We also believe your bathroom should be beautiful. For too long, other rooms have received all the attention leaving the bathroom as a practical but often neglected afterthought.

It’s time for a change.

Our goal is to simplify the process. The Bathwaters difference is that less is more. You won’t be faced with a bewildering number of nameless products. We have handpicked the very best from the world’s leading bathroom manufacturers (in fact, we are Duravit’s very first Online Authorised Retailer in the UK). This carefully curated selection of quality products can be mixed and matched to create a bathroom you’ll love at the price you want to pay.

Although there’s nothing new about buying a bathroom online, it has always felt like stepping into the unknown. What you gain in apparent upfront savings, you lose in expert guidance and support. That’s where our experienced designers at Bathwaters come in. Measure your bathroom (watch our video if you need some pointers), send us the details and we’ll do the rest. We promise not to ask you a million questions, just the important ones that will help us to design a bathroom that’s unique to you.

Unlike other online retailers, when you buy from Bathwaters you are a valued customer, not just a number. Every order is checked and double checked by our experts to ensure that nothing has been missed and the products you have selected are designed to work together. Our aim is to give you peace of mind, knowing your installer has everything they need to fit your beautiful new bathroom.

At Bathwaters, we don’t believe one solution suits all. Our product selection is bespoke, our service is personalised and the outcome is a design-conscious bathroom that brings you a little luxury every day.

If you want to see Duravit products in person, we have made a special arrangement with its London showroom. Located at 36-42 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5PS, please note that the showroom is open by appointment only. To book a visit, call 020 7253 3559 or email london@uk.duravit.com and mention Bathwaters.

We have the same arrangement with the London showroom of Hansgrohe and AXOR. Handily located a few minutes from Duravit in Clerkenwell, the address is The Water Studio, 12-16 Clerkenwell Road, London ECM1 5PQ.  Please contact the showroom to make an appointment on 01372 472056 or thewaterstudio@hansgrohe.co.uk.

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